Discover Your Gifts: Exploring Your Vocation & Calling


Beginning with what the Bible says about God as Creator, we’ll dip into church history and use brand-new research from the Barna Group to help you discover more about your unique gifts and different vocations (yup, turns out you have more than one!).

: December 30, 4:45 pm
: Sagamore 1-2
Don Everts

Don Everts is a senior pastor and former InterVarsity campus minister who’s published over a dozen books with InterVarsity Press, including Jesus with Dirty Feet and (with Doug Schaupp) I Once Was Lost. Don’s most recent books explore core issues in the life of a disciple in light of today’s many cultural changes. Featuring original research from the Barna Group, these books include The Reluctant Witness, The Hopeful Neighborhood, and Discover Your Gifts

Global Witness Through Your Work
Vocational Pathways