Bible Translation & Pioneer Church Planting


Globe with lines

Unengaged and unreached people groups often speak languages outsiders haven’t learned, and they typically lack usable Bible translations. Completing the pioneering task to reach them will require thousands of team members who specialize in linguistic analysis, translation, and the biblical training of first-fruits believers who get involved with them. If you’re passionate about making disciples, love doing in-depth Bible study, and enjoy figuring things out, this seminar will help you explore your place on the pioneering team.

: December 30, 4:45 pm
: Sagamore 4

Josh Michaels is a Translation & Scripture Engagement Consultant with Wycliffe Bible Translators. He led a multiagency church planting team and teaches Pioneer Church Planting in the Perspectives Course. Josh helps first-generation believers in a restricted-access region translate the Bible into their own languages for use within culturally customized disciplemaking ministries. He has an MA in Linguistics and an MDiv in Biblical Studies.