Baking Love: A Space of Welcome in the Kitchen

Come hear the story of C. Love Baking Academy. Pursuing Jesus and her passion, continuing to say yes on an unconventional path, Katherine has gone from Parisian pastry kitchens to partnering with the Spirit feeding refugees and empowering immigrant women in the kitchen. Discover how you, too, can bring together your joys and passions and the kingdom of God.

: December 31, 1:45 pm
: ICC 138-139
Katherine Slevin

Katherine Slevin has been in the baking and pastry industry for over 17 years. She’s worked in the pastry kitchens of luxury hotels, cake shops, family-owned boulangerie-pâtisseries, Parisian pastry giant Pierre Hermé, and finally James Beard Award Winner Standard Baking Co. in Portland, Maine, before striking out on her own to start the C. Love Cookie Project and C. Love Baking Academy. Katherine’s lifelong commitment to pastry and serving others continues to propel her work, highlighting immigration by using the art of pastry as a connection point. She strives to empower immigrant women to join the baking community in Portland, Detroit, and beyond.

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