Missions 101

Latinos have long played a critical role in expanding God’s kingdom as missionaries. We’ll discuss the surprising connection between Latino missions and the Muslim world, and explore how the evangelical movement first took root among Latinos. We’ll also examine the influence Latinos have had on contemporary missiological thought.

Mentoring: Millennials want it. Boomers do it. How can we improve the process? A millennial will share how he connected with his mentor and the benefits he experienced from the relationship. His mentor will suggest guidelines for healthy mentoring and the benefits he experienced from serving as a mentor.

In a world full of diverse worldviews, it is not easy to live as a disciple of Jesus. How do we decide every day’s ethical questions when the sociocultural backgrounds of the biblical times and places are so different from our days? What values are important concerning finances, partnerships, loyalty, and careers? We’ll explore these questions together.