18 Reasons Why You Need to Go!

Are you an international student? Do you come from a third culture* background?

God is on a mission to make all things new and restore them to his good purposes.

Carrie had just gotten involved with InterVarsity only a few months before Urbana 12. While washing dishes, she heard God telling her to go to Urbana. She had no idea what that meant. She then saw a Facebook post with a video about Urbana. She had goosebumps and was teary-eyed at this point. However, she had no idea how to pay for it. She told her friends and family about being called to Urbana and had the funds within three days. At Urbana, she was reminded of a calling God placed on her heart at the age of eight to become a missionary. She was sobbing and fell to the ground. Since then, she has became a student leader in InterVarsity, went on the Bolivia GP, and came on staff.


We talk about the geographic, cultural, and social insulation surrounding those of us in the United States. Listen to us educators attempt to break free of the cocoon that keeps us from knowing, loving, and listening to our global neighbors. We introduce topics designed to help us think outside the bubble of the United States. Addressing those places where we are unfamiliar or out of step with the rest of the world. 

By Fred Chen

I was regularly challenged to consider what role I might play in God’s global plan. However, the roles that I heard about seemed limited to those of a pastor, or a missionary, or something in alleviating poverty. Those are all clearly important roles, but for some reason those roles just never appealed to me and I felt guilty about it.

By Jasmin Rouse

I felt God saying that the work was his before I got there and it will be his long after I’ve left. God’s kingdom coming to Mokkattam wasn’t contingent upon my presence there. Heartbroken, I committed the work back to him. In faith, I committed the work back to him. I am not the savior. Nor am I the solution. God alone is. And I can trust him.

By Kurt Bullis

Back at the end of March, we mailed out a print publication called Testify to all Urbana 15 participants. While we don’t have anymore Testify’s in print, we have been we publishing posts from Testify here on urbana.org. Here they are all gathered together for your reading pleasure.