Ziel Machado

Ziel Machado

Pastor, Free Methodist Church in São Paulo, Brazil and Academic Director, Servos de Cristo Theological Seminary

(as of 2012)

Ziel Machado has been involved in student ministry for more than 30 years, spending the last 13 years providing vision, support and leadership to the 20 IFES National Movements in Latin America as the Regional Secretary. During a crisis of faith while a teenager, he was supported and strengthened by his Bible study group and felt called and challenged to invest his life in student ministry.

Ziel is now part of the pastoral team at the Free Methodist Church in São Paulo—Nikei Council and academic director of Servos de Cristo Theological Seminary. He is also a keen marathon runner, and often uses the biblical imagery of running the race to encourage students and staff to persevere and set their sights on the goal to which God has called them.

Ziel and his wife Solange Simões have three children.

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