Susan Cho Van Riesen

Susan Cho Van Riesen

(as of 2000)

Susan was born HaeJin Cho, but she changed her name in 4th grade after she moved to Springfield, Oregon.

Currently, she is an area director for InterVarsity in California - in the Palo Alto to Monterrey Bay area.

Susan served on the Urbana prayer ministry team in 1996. She carried away a powerful impression of how much students are in need of healing and pastoral care. She led a seminar called "Decision making with parents," and in between sessions there were often lines 15 people deep on both sides of her. These students were just wanting to connect, to be prayed for about their parents. Many were weeping. This experience opened Susan's eyes to the need for help and support in students' lives.

She is passionate about seeing the gospel presence strengthened in the developing world, about getting U.S. students aware of God's movement in the world, and getting them to participate. Susan is deeply committed to racial reconciliation.

The most important people in her life are her husband Alex, her younger sister Ann, and her parents in Portland, Ore.

Susan loves to cook, and loves food as a bonding point with her students. She likes to whip up meals out of an (apparently) empty refrigerator. She likes little dogs, and not big ones. She likes road trips, and likes reading travel guides. Lately, she has been reading The Jesus I never knew, by Philip Yancey, and The Meaning of Persons by Paul Tournier.

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