Saul Cruz

Saul Cruz

Founder & Director, Armonia Ministries, Mexico City, Mexico

(as of 2006)

Saul Cruz is co-director of Armonia Ministries together with his wife, Pilar Cruz. Their ministry is to poor communities in both urban and rural areas in Mexico. He is a psychologist, family therapist, and university lecturer by education.

He came to know the Lord through the work of COMPA, a Mexican affiliate to IFES, and by reading "Basic Christianity" by John Stott. While at university, he was a student Christian leader and since then has served as president of the governing board for COMPA in Mexico. He has worked for other various organizations in Mexico, including World Vision, and was also in charge of two churches. He and his wife have been co-directors of Armonia Ministries together for 20+ years. They have two children, Eidi and Saul Cruz who serve in the ministries with them.

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