Robbie Castleman

(as of 1996)

The Urbana experience has sometimes been described as "drinking from a firehose". There is so much information and so many experiences to absorb in such a short time. We've thought a lot about how to help students process the deluge of information they receive at Urbana about God's mission for His people and the world.

At Urbana, Robbe Castleman will be the convention's pastoral response leader, helping delegates sort through their experience, ask questions, and reflect on what it means in their own context. She will also lead delegates through making a decision and filling out their mission commitment card at the end of the convention. 

Robbie Castleman is a campus staff worker with InterVarsity-USA in Florida. Robbie is married to Pastor Breck Castleman and has two sons. She is the author of the books Parenting in the Pew and True Love in a World of False Hope.