Jorge Atiencia

Jorge Atiencia

(as of 1996)

Well known for his irresistible warmth, winsomeness and humility, Jorge radiates genuine love for God, scriptures and people. He is the IFES Regional Training Secretary for Latin America. 

He has for many years invested in the lives of students in Latin America, discipling and teaching them. The need for a more profound articulation of the gospel led him to Regent college in Vancouver, Canada. The experience, he says, equipped him with a gospel that provided "a worldview significant enough to respond to a generation deeply affected by the reality of poverty and exploitation." In the 80's, in order to meet the needs of a new generation of students struggling with dysfunctional families, Jorge pursued doctoral studies in family therapy.

In Jorge's own words, "The idea of inviting students to collaborate with God in turning this world upside down [Acts 17:6] is beginning to burn inside of me."

Jorge resides in Bogota, Colombia with his wife Gail and their two children.

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