• Time to Hear

    The days between Christmas and New Year’s are a time to take stock of the past year and anticipate the year ahead. They’re a time to discern plans and priorities—a time for fundamental questions about God, ourselves, and where we’re going.

    Urbana is a space set apart to hear from God and find a place in his global mission. Join us December 27-31, 2015, for five days filled with insight, information, and opportunities to help you take the next steps on a lifelong journey that’s rich with significance and meaning.

  • Journey Together

    Urbana is a place of connection. Share your dreams with brothers and sisters you’ve never met, but who have similar hopes and questions. Gain new perspective from diverse peers who also care about leading lives of consequence in service to God and his global mission.

    At Urbana, you’ll worship, pray, and learn with people from around North America and the world. It’s a place to forge new friendships with others who can partner with you in the exciting work of sharing the good news of Jesus through both word and deed.

  • Find Your Fit

    Urbana is a unique opportunity to engage face-to-face with leaders from more than 250 missions organizations and seminaries. Nowhere else can you get the kind of live information Urbana offers from women and men who are doing missions.

    Discover organizations that could be part of your journey to serve God in the world. Learn about all kinds of missions opportunities in all kinds of fields. Talk with people who can offer their insight and experience as you explore your own passions.

  • Meet God

    Urbana 15 will help you hear God, just like it’s done for thousands of participants before you. Pray, study the Bible deeply, listen to speakers who bring a world perspective, worship, and experience arts that speak to both the mind and heart.

    Focus in on topics of special interest to you by choosing from hundreds of seminars. Process with your friends. Make appointments with trained prayer ministers. Explore new ideas in the hackathon. Prepare for the next steps of your journey.


God does something unique at Urbana Student Missions Conferences. Since 1946, God has used Urbana as a key transformational moment for thousands of people. They’ve responded to God’s call by spreading the good news of Jesus in their neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth. They’ve fed the hungry, translated Scripture, freed the oppressed, planted churches, and worked in businesses that transform nations. At Urbana, they’ve found their lives.

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