Volunteering at Urbana

All volunteers must register by October 1.

If you are no longer able to volunteer at Urbana, please let us know by October 15. We want to make sure we don’t assign you to a job if you won’t be available.
If you tell us about your cancellation by October 15 and are a full-time volunteer, you will receive a full refund ($100) for your registration payment. If you contact us about cancelling after October 15, you will receive a partial refund ($50). If you are a part-time volunteer, you were not required to pay for registration, so you will not be refunded for cancelling.

Types of Volunteers

  • Full-time Volunteer (formerly called a Steward)
    • Serves an average of 8 hours per day for the whole conference
    • May be assigned to more than 1 job based upon conference’s needs and volunteer’s skills
    • Job assignments announced in upcoming months
    • Can participate in Urbana programming outside of scheduled work hours
    • Arrives in St. Louis, Missouri on December 26, 2018, by 2:00 p.m. CST
    • Grab-and-go breakfast available at most hotels that are part of Urbana Housing Block
    • Dinner provided December 28–31, 2018 covered in your registration fee
    • Free to depart on January 1, 2019, by 8:00 a.m. CST
    • Volunteer responsible for lunch, travel, housing, and $100 for registration


  • Part-time Volunteer (formerly called a Daily Servant)
    • Lives the greater St. Louis area
    • Serves 1 or more days at Urbana
    • Signs up for specific shifts based upon personal schedule
    • After day(s) of service, volunteer receives complimentary, 1-day pass for Urbana
    • No registration fee required
    • Volunteer responsible for travel, housing, and meal costs


Becoming an Urbana Volunteer

Please use the same email address for the entire process. First you must apply to be a volunteer. Follow these steps:

    1.           Click here.

    2.           Click “I am NOT a student.”

    3.           Select the “volunteer (including InterVarsity staff spouse)” option.

    4.           Click “Apply to Volunteer.”

    5.           Fill out the application.

    6.           Click “Submit.”

If your application’s accepted, you will then register for the conference, using a link sent by email. 

Finally, you will complete an Urbana Job Profile that is designed to match your skill set with the conference’s needs. If you lose the link to this system, search your email for “Registration Confirmation - Urbana 18” and find the link under the Urbana Jobs heading.  If you can’t find this email, please email urbana.information@intervarsity.org.  

Additional information will be provided once you register.


Why do I have to apply to serve as a volunteer?

As a volunteer for Urbana 18, you may work with minors and/or vulnerable persons (adults whose physical, mental, or emotional conditions make them dependent upon others). For their safety and well-being, InterVarsity asks all Urbana volunteers to go through an application process prior to registering for Urbana.

For more information, please contact us online or call 608-443-3700.