Urbana 15

International students and scholars are vital to God's mission as they cross cultures for education and often go on to serve in key positions of influence in academia, government, and the marketplace around the world.

This residential track will focus on equipping you to serve and magnify Jesus Christ wherever he leads you, bringing the gospel and shalom to the world. Join internationals at Urbana 15 to dream together about finding our lives in God's global mission.

The Poverty Track brings together the well-resourced and the under-resourced into a learning community to join God’s work of alleviating global poverty.

Whatever your background, if you are deeply troubled by the disconnect between the reality of poverty and the message of the gospel, and are willing to let your life bridge that gap, the Poverty Track is for you.

What to Expect

The Poverty Track will guide you through the Urbana experience with:

At Urbana 15, we'll dig into nine passages from Matthew through Bible expositions in the general sessions, daily manuscript Bible study (available in Spanish and ASL), musical worship, and the performing arts.

God will do amazing things in us and through us! The five days of Urbana 15 will be an intense journey that God will use to reconcile millions to himself as we choose lives of surrender to his global mission.

Registration is not yet open. But here's what you can do now:

1. Phone it In

Set yourself a "Register for Urbana" reminder on March 4, 2015. (That's when it's the cheapest!)