Prayer Opportunities at Urbana 12

The Urbana prayer team has been praying for you since the summer of 2011. Before you even arrive you already have a head start on an amazing, fun, life-changing week. At Urbana, the Urbana team will set aside a day of reflection and prayer in community to help you process what you have heard and learned about Jesus, yourself, and God’s mission in the world.

An Intercessor Prayer Team will be praying non-stop—day and night—Urbana 12 as you participate in the conference’s programs and when you are sleeping! There will also be places for you to experience the richness of prayer in community, or have a space for you to rest and receive prayer, or spend time worshipping the Lord.

Articles on Prayer

Listening to God: An Exercise in Listening Prayer
Journaling in the Round
The Neglected Power of Prayer

Worship Room

Room 124, The America’s Center

This is a space set aside to worship God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as a gift of love to him. When Jesus lived and worked among his people "everyone was amazed and gavepraise to God. They were filled with awe and said, 'We have seen remarkable things today.'" (Luke 5:26). As you experience God during Urbana 12, take time to pause, and come—alone or with friends—to respond in adoration and praise for who he is and what he is doing.

Prayer staff will be worshiping with you, providing music, scripture, and art as together we proclaim Jesus the center of Urbana 12 and Lord of the Nations.

Missional Prayer Room

Room 127, The America’s Center

Come to pray in response to the great invitation to follow Jesus in his mission! As we reflect on who Jesus is, who we are, and what he has done for us through the cross, we’ll seek to extend the invitation of his gospel to all the corners of the world.

This room is designed to foster ongoing listening to the Holy Spirit and intercession for our campuses, cities, countries and world. Prayer staff will be available to guide you through prayer stations to intercede according to God’s heart for places where His love, compassion, justice, and good news need to be known.

Prayer Ministry Room

Room 130, The America’s Center

As God is compelling you to come closer to Him and accept his great invitation, you may become aware of things in your life that are hindering your ability to discern and follow God’s love and calling. You may want to come for prayer if you have strained relationships, fears, unconfessed sins or addictions holding you back, trouble hearing or following God’s direction for your life, or if you just want someone to pray with you.

Urbana has prayer ministers to support you as you bring these issues to Jesus and be released from them. You will be directed to prayer ministers who will guide you in prayers of blessing, affirmation, confession, restoration, healing, and freedom. Come, alone or with friends, and spend time here dealing with your concerns in prayer. This is also a great place to come and rest.