Bible Study at Urbana 12

When you get to Urbana 12, you’ll find that themes and images from Luke’s Gospel permeate the conference. That’s because the Holy Spirit has led the planning team to build the conference around passages from Luke that reveal Jesus’ understanding of mission.

For almost two years, the Urbana planning team has been studying, praying, and living out these passages. We are excited for you to join us in feasting on God’s Word and meeting Jesus in a fresh way.

You can begin nibbling on the feast now through studying Luke with the resources available in Prepare Yourself.

Engage with Scripture

We are so convinced of the central importance of the Bible for calling and sustaining mission, that the entire morning of each day at Urbana will be spent engaging with Scripture.

The first half of your morning will be spent in manuscript Bible study in a hotel ballroom or a meeting room in the America’s Center. Then we will gather together in the Dome for worship, theater, and Bible exposition—all out of Luke.

Manuscript Bible Study

Each morning at Urbana 12 we will feast on God’s Word together using a printout of passages from Luke, called a manuscript. Manuscript study is a dynamic and highly interactive approach to studying the Bible in community used all over the world.

InterVarsity staff from Canada, the United States, and Kenya will facilitate rooms of 250-1000, helping you to discover the riches of the Bible for yourself. You won’t want to miss these unique and energizing studies that will set up the rest of the day’s program.

Daily Bible Exposition

After our separate manuscript studies, we will continue on to the next passage of Luke during the morning general session. Calisto Odede, a Pentecostal pastor from Nairobi, will take us into God’s Word, sharing insights from his own manuscript study of Luke and illustrations from his life in Kenya.

Make sure to bring your Luke manuscript with you for taking notes. You’ll be amazed at the way the passages of Luke build on one another.