International Students

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Join participants from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in fellowship and growth. International participants have a place to connect, pray, process, and personalize the messages at Urbana 12. This track is ideal for international students and those in academia or church settings who work with internationals.

Track Director: Brian Hart

Business Changing the World

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Business is constantly changing the world, for good and for ill. From microenterprise to family owned businesses to venture capital to large global corporations, this track is for anyone interested in exploring how a role in business relates to God’s greater economy. Learn how you can help bring economic, social, and spiritual vitality to people around the world.

Track Director: John Terrill

Urban Poverty

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This track presents the reality of today’s poverty and the challenges raised by the rapid growth of poor and marginalized communities all over the world, including North America. Participants will engage with leaders who are God’s agents of change in the areas where each has been called.

Track Directors: Scott Bessenecker, Katye CrawfordJosh Harper, Helyn Luisi-Mills

Pastors and Church Leaders

(Residential and Non-Residential)

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Join pastors, church leaders, and seminary students in experiencing Urbana through the lens of the local church. Consider the North American church’s role in global missions. Explore ways to help different generations engage with missions. Find encouragement, ideas, and resources as you network with other leaders from a variety of backgrounds.

Track Director: Donna Wilson