Urbana 12 Packing List

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□     Food for your spirit (a.k.a. the Bible)

□     Multi-colored pens for manuscript Bible study

□     Journal

□     Whatever you use to tweet

□     Money for the offering

□     Money for dinner on 12/27 and lunch each other day

□     Cash-money for Metro pass

□     Money for the bookstore

□     Extra space in your luggage for books

□     Good shoes for walking

□     Comfortable socks

□     Winter coat

□     Clothing in layers (view forecast)

□     Ugly Christmas Sweater

□     Toothbrush

□     Toothpaste (optional)

□     Pearly white smile (you may just run into your soul mate!)

□     Medicine (any prescriptions and cold and pain medicine)

□     Sanitizer

□     Tissues

□     Deodorant (yes, you.)

□     Camera (pics to last a lifetime)

□     Ear plugs (for your snoring roommate)

□     Playing cards for Bang!

□     Underwear

□     Backpack

□     Filled-out Ministry Match profile