Fuel for the Journey

After the competition is over, Olympic athletes review their performance. They celebrate what they have accomplished and note what needs improvement so they can continue growing as athletes.

The journey continues after Urbana 12. As you journey, what work is God doing in you and through you? God may be nudging you towards long-term missions, or increasing mission awareness at your church. The resources here can help fuel your journey, wherever God takes you after Urbana 12.

Urbana and InterVarsity Resources
Extending Jesus' Invitation
Personal Bible Study
Urbana 12 Worship
Journaling Guides

Urbana.org and InterVarsity Resources

Revisit urbana.org for general session videos, photosseminar audio, and to forge connections with exhibitors and find books featured in the Urbana 12 Bookstore. Urbana.org continues to generate Missional Life articles, Missionary Biographies and other helpful resources in the Go and Do section. 

Visit InterVarsity.org to connect with ministries such as Global Urban Trek, Link or Urban Project. Perhaps your next step is to lead an Evangelistic Bible Study on campus, look into multi-ethnic ministry, or partner with the arts or Greek ministry.

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Extending Jesus' Invitation

Get connected with resources for leading an Evangelistic Bible Study (EBS):

InterVarsity's International Student Ministry (ISM) has also made these evangelistic Bible study guides available for international students:

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Bible Study

Urbana 12 has been created around Luke's Gospel, particularly Luke 4:14-30; Luke 5:1-11; Luke 5:17-26; Luke 10:1-24; Luke 14:15-24; Luke 15:1-32; and Luke 19:1-27.

We encourage you to go deeper into Luke to reinforce your experience at Urbana 12. The following reading plans and Luke-based studies can help you read, study, and share Jesus with your friends.

Reading Plans

Read through the entire Gospel of Luke with three reading plans Urbana has put together to fit your schedule and lifestyle. You can access the reading plans on this page or through Faithlife, the online faith community, and their digital study Bible for your tablet, smartphone or browser.

To access the reading plans through Faithlife:

  1. Sign in with this link (or create an account)
  2. Under Today’s Readings on the right, add one of the three Luke reading plans
  3. Download your free copy of the Faithlife Study Bible
  4. From there, you can download the App

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Studies for Free Download or Purchase

A team of InterVarsity staff has developed a set of Bible studies called Encounters with Jesus available for download at no charge in the Bible Studies section of this site.

The following Bible Studies are available for purchase at ivpress.com.

These studies, also available for purchase at ivpress.com, are designed for use in evangelistic Bible Studies.

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  • Continue to pray for all the folks who prepared the conference for you: the speakers, worship team, performing arts team, seminar leaders, exhibitors the prayer team and those organizing the whole thing. Pray for their rest and restoration.
  • Use resources such as Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation to pray for your sisters and brothers in mission and pray for the mission field, both international and local.   
  • Pray for yourself, asking God to show you where you should go from here. Bring others into your praying to discern what God is showing you.
  • Meet with friends on campus and have a weekly or every-other-week prayer meeting.
  • Follow Urbana 12 email updates and use them to guide your prayers.
  • Follow Urbana on Facebook and Twitter and use these updates to guide your prayers.
  • It's never too late to start praying for Urbana 15!

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Urbana 12 Worship

The Urbana 12 Worship Album is available on iTunes. Take a look at the digital booklet and visit the Worship Team’s blog to dig deeper into the musical worship at Urbana 12.

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Journaling Guides

After Urbana 12, continue to process your thoughts and feeling in your journal. Ask God to be with you and guide your thoughts. Then, share your insights with trusted friends or a mentor who can help you discern truth.

  • What are you thankful for? Devote some time to thanking the Lord for the specific ways he has blessed you.
  • How has your connection to the Lord been recently? Has God felt near or far away? Reflect on some possible reasons for this.
  • Look over your journal entries previous to Urbana 12. Why did you come to Urbana? Did God fulfill what you hoped for? Where did he surprise you? How can God's work in your own life be a part of how God reaches others through you? Pray for those who God wants to reach through you.
  • Did you journal during Urbana? Use this as a springboard to discern where God is leading you now.
  • Review  Luke 4:14-30; Luke 5:1-11; Luke 5:17-26; Luke 10:1-24; Luke 14:15-24; Luke 15:1-32; and Luke 19:1-27. How can you incorporate these passages as you move forward?

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We recommend the following InterVarsity Press books on Luke:

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Continue to visit the Urbana 12 blogs, including students who went to Urbana 12. Share your experiences on your own blog, or through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any social media of your choice.

Above all, rest. Urbana is a monumental event. It will take some time to soak in all that you've learned. Take good care of yourself, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of fluids to replenish yourself.

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