Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at Urbana goes beyond simply looking for new recruits for your organization. It is an opportunity to influence a generation: to inform, counsel, motivate, and to inspire.

Urbana participants are largely college students and recent alumni so interested in God’s work in the world that they'll spend their Christmas break at a missions conference. Some are ready to serve on short-term, mid-term and long-term missions, others have just started to think about getting involved in God’s global mission.

Exhibitors at Urbana report that contacts from the previous conferences will come back to them several years later, interested in serving with them because of conversations that occurred during the conference.

But even for those participants not ready to make a long-term commitment to missions service, Urbana is an opportunity to publicize your organization to the 18,000 students who attend who may be the future advocates and donors for your ministry.

Urbana provides an opportunity for missions organizations and graduate schools to connect with and learn from each other. The Exhibit Hall experience will be one of collaboration, creativity, and divine appointments for delegates, exhibitors and staff alike.

The goal is that every participant would have the opportunity to give their whole lives for the sake of God’s global mission by:

  • Being exposed to options for short-term, mid-term and long-term missions service, with an emphasis on opportunities that would utilize the assets of and address the developmental needs of this student generation.
  • Fostering creative partnerships and influence between participants and exhibiting missions agencies, between InterVarsity and exhibiting missions agencies, and between the missions agencies themselves.