Steps to Exhibit at Urbana 12

Please Note: The deadline for applications was October 14, 2012 and purchases closed for Exhibits products on October 31, 2012. Contact Urbana with questions.

  1. Login

    Before you apply, all exhibitor applicants will need to create a new login account. Credentials from previous Urbanas, unfortunately, cannot be used for the new Urbana website.

  2. Apply

    Applications for exhibiting at Urbana 12 are now closed. Organizations or schools interested in exhibiting at Urbana 12 must fill out the Exhibits Application and be approved by the Urbana Conference. View application criteria. Each organization’s application will be reviewed by the Urbana 12 Team, and all applicants will be notified of Urbana 12's decision after the review. If your organization is approved to exhibit at Urbana 12, instructions for completing your organization's registration will be sent to the email address used to create your log in account. Please make sure any spam filters do not filter emails from the domain.

    Please Note: Because you are unable to return to the application once it is saved, you will need to complete your application in one session. If you'd like, you can download the application questions before filling out the application. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Criteria to Exhibit

  3. Group Registration

    Any individual attending Urbana 12 as an exhibits representative of your organization will need to register through group registration as a part of your group. All exhibitors must be registered through group registration rather than registering as individuals. The person completing the registration will either need to be attending Urbana and register as an exhibitor, or will need to be listed as the billing contact for your organization. You can invite members of your organization to register as part of your group and/or empty registration spots may be reserved until your organization decides who will be representing them at Urbana. However, a deposit amount will be owed for any registration invitations or empty spots your organization reserves.

  4. Select a Booth Package

    Each organization will select one of three packages. Additional items may also be added to any of the three packages, such as additional booth space or extra advertising.

  5. Payment

    A minimum payment will be required before you check out in order for your registration to be considered complete. This amount will include all non-refundable deposits associated with your registrations and purchases. Full payment is required from exhibitors within 30 days of booth package selection. Payments may be made by check, e-check, or credit card.

  6. Legal Contract

    Complete and submit a contract specific to each organization which you will be able to download from The signed contract, along with a certificate of insurance, must be returned to InterVarsity to secure the exhibitor’s spot.

    Please Note: Required insurance information has changed since Urbana 09. Please read and fill out the Urbana 12 insurance certificate carefully. Please refer to the Legal Contract for the specifics.

  7. Personal Urbana Page

    Once your registration process is completed, you will be taken to your Personal Urbana Page (PUP). The PUP is where you'll take care of housing (starting in June), answer a Ministry Match questionnaire (in the fall) and upload information and content that will appear on your Exhibitor Profile Page on (coming soon). The PUP will also contain a link to download your contract again should you need it for your reference and a link to make additional purchases to add to your booth package.

    Notifications and announcements will be posted on your PUP from time to time, so be sure to check the page regularly.

Criteria to Exhibit

All agencies, schools, networks and coalitions applying to exhibit at Urbana 12 will be subjected to the same criteria. The criteria, coupled with the discretion of the Urbana Exhibits Team, are designed to ensure the selection of quality organizations whose goals align with Urbana’s purpose. The organization must:

  • Affirm InterVarsity’s Doctrinal Statement.
  • Have advancing God’s global mission as the vision and purpose of their organization.
  • Be registered with the appropriate governmental agency for tax purposes.
  • Demonstrate affiliation, accountability, or partnership with an umbrella organization, network, or other reputable agencies.
  • Promote diversity in ideas, thoughts, and backgrounds among personnel or members.
  • Offer short-term, mid-term, and/or long-term opportunities or access to opportunities for Kingdom service. These programs will be evaluated on the quality of training and pastoral care offered to participants including project-appropriate orientation and de-briefing, with attention paid to spiritual, relational, and cross-cultural matters. Partnership with local churches and indigenous ministries in the area where the ministry serves will also be noted.
  • Graduate schools and seminaries need to provide accredited and established degree programs in missiology, cross-cultural ministry, urban studies or urban ministry, in addition to the above criteria.

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