Wycliffe Bible Translators

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Tracy Tooley
PO Box 628200
Orlando, Florida 32862
United States of America
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Wycliffe’s Vision: God’s Word, accessible to all people in the language of their heart. When you know that the God of the universe loves you, speaks your language, and expresses Himself in your culture, it can change everything. We want the Bibleless people of the world to experience the freedom and transformation that come through the power of God’s Word in their heart language. We believe everyone has something to bring to this global mission to reach the least, the last, and the lost with the Good News of God’s love. By sharing your time, prayer, skills, or resources, you can help bring transformation for the Bibleless.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
Bring Your Prayers: Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project (BPPP) Commit to pray for a language group until it receives completed Scripture. By joining BPPP, you will receive information about a Bibleless language group, some simple instructions on praying for that community, and an annual project update. Occasionally you’ll also receive news and further updates about the group. Bring Your Passion: Global Service Program (GSP)—6 months to 2 years GSP is ideal for people who want to serve with Wycliffe for a limited time, or those who want to try an experience with Wycliffe before making a long-term commitment. We have opportunities in children’s education, support roles (non-linguistic), and linguistic roles. Bring Your Gifts: Discovery—6 weeks to 6 months Discovery trips are geared toward ages 21–35. Participants get exposure to specific ministry duties that interest them, such as linguistic work, teaching, media, accounting, and much more. Bring Your Skills: US-Based Internships—6 weeks to 6 months These internships are for college students or recent graduates who want to use their skills to serve with Wycliffe USA (college credit is available). Bring Your Questions: GET Global—1 to 4 weeks GET Global is designed for people ages 15–23 who are serious about missions but want to find out what it’s really like before completing their training or education.
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under two months
two months to 1 year
1 to 3 years
3 years or longer
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2100+ (including Mexico and Canada)
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