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Luke Todd
5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97215
United States of America
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Trustworthy and accessible training for gospel-centered transformation. _____________________________________________________________ The overarching purpose of Western Seminary is shaped by its Christian commitment: Western Seminary exists to glorify God by exalting His Son, Jesus Christ, in prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. All aspects of the seminary’s operations consciously aim at enhancing the reputation of the Triune God. Furthermore, these efforts must be consciously guided by God’s inerrant word and empowered by His Holy Spirit to fulfill this high and holy calling.
Describe the accredited programs in cross-cultural ministries or missions offered by your organization: 
M.A. in Ministry and Leadership The M.A. in Ministry and Leadership program enables students to bring transformation to churches and parachurch organizations through a rich biblical understanding and a refined leadership skill set. This training spans communication theory, biblical studies, theology, discipleship and spiritual formation -- with the result that our students lead and serve effectively in a wide variety of global ministry roles. And with over 14 electives available in intercultural studies and communication, it can serve mission-minded men and women well. Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) The Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) is an advanced professional degree, designed to equip Christian leaders and missions workers for increased skill and effectiveness while serving in pluralistic and multi-ethnic contexts. This in-service program is designed for ministers who are already involved in cross-cultural work, so that professors and colleagues from around the world can connect at interactive class modules with a minimum of interruption to life. The training culminates in the research, writing, and defense of a dissertation that explores a major topic of mission and how the student can advance that work.
Term of service offered: 
1 to 3 years
Degrees Offered: 
MA, MDiv, ThM, DMin, other
General Areas of Study: 
Culture, Health, Linguistics, Bible, Theology, Evangelism