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2609 Stevens Ave. S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
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Homeless Youth, The Arts and Transitional Homes Since 1995 Annex Network: Sex Trafficking Transitional Home & Opportunities to Get Out Source is located in one of the Nation's most diverse neighborhoods which includes: Poverty, Internationals, & the Arts. Source began in 1987 & has been a Friend (serving physical needs and housing) and a Voice (communicating God's love and forgiveness) to the marginalized and skeptical since 1995. Broken homes, homeless youth, prostitution, drugs, dropping out of high school & past abuse have all been part of 15-25 year olds & the urban poor we have served. "B448" Homeless Youth Outreach, Fallout Urban Art Center (Gallery, music venue, kitchen, food distribution, showers, skate ramp, & prayer room), Art Coop, Community & Transitional Homes, Annex Network Sex Trafficking Home, Church Planting, and Urban Prayer Room & 24/7 prayer weeks have all been a part of Source.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
Source can offer participants many levels of involvement: 1) Annex Support: The Annex is a transitional home for women who have escaped a trafficking situation and need safe affordable housing and training to begin a new life. Four areas of this program can offer involvement. First, participants can join the annex ministry team where they pray and support the women in the Annex. Second, the Art Coop developed an art installation that is used to increase awareness of sex trafficking in the Midwest. Source would want participants to display the art installation in a public place for one month and then host a sex trafficking seminar afterwards to further explain human trafficking. Next, within the Annex we have role models who act as friends to the women living in the Annex. Participants are free to talk with us about becoming a role model. Lastly, participants who were passionate about the Annex and who were interested in opening one in their area would be able to talk with the Director and collect more information about the details of the program. 2) Internships: Source offers internships in areas of administrative work, community development/involvement, evangelism, Annex ministry/sex trafficking, and transitional homes during the summer and school years. 3) Urban Immersions: during the summer, youth groups are encouraged to travel to Source and learn about urban ministry. The youth groups stay at Source for a couple of days to a week and volunteer with Source as well as other surrounding organizations. 4) Community Living: currently Source has residential community home opportunities, where people live in community with each other while also reaching out to the community. 5) There are also opportunities to be involved remotely through social media and web design campaign.
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under two months
two months to 1 year
1 to 3 years