Latin America Mission

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Erika Olsen
5465 NW 36th St
Miami Springs, Florida 33166
United States of America
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Our vision is to see every person transformed by and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the fruit of focused relationships that are initiated and cultivated alongside Latin Americans. We believe that it isn't enough to just evangelize the lost. We have been called to the greater task of making disciples who have been transformed on the inside by His Word and Power, and who, through His love and grace, selflessly give of themselves to share faith, offer hope and express Jesus’ love (Micah 6:8) to their "neighbors." To fulfill our God-given vision, our mission calls us to initiate and cultivate focused relationships that build capacity and create opportunities for service alongside Latin Americans throughout the reach of the Latin world.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
Latin America Mission is committed to: discipling and training youth and future leaders, awareness and intervention of human trafficking, discipling and educating children at-risk and in marginal situations, supporting and promoting Latin mobilization. content: 
Besides exhibiting at Urbana 12, we'll also be...: 
Seminar on Spiritual Warfare
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under two months
two months to 1 year
1 to 3 years
3 years or longer