InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Urban Projects

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Josh Harper
(510) 495-5115
6400 Schroeder Rd.
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
United States of America
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Develop world changers!
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
Urban Projects are ministry experiences that take place in major cities across the United States each year. For a weekend, a week, a summer, we ask you to step into the lives of those living in poverty in cities, to learn their stories, to see the faces behind the social issues being debated in our nation. We’re not asking you to do this alone. You’ll live with other students and staff, exploring issues of justice, poverty, oppression, racial reconciliation, violence, lifestyle, and biblical community in very tangible ways. You’ll serve with individuals, agencies, and churches who are responding to these issues with a vision for long-term change and renewal. content: 
Urban Poverty Track
Besides exhibiting at Urbana 12, we'll also be...: 
hosting the Urban Poverty Track.
Term of service offered: 
under two months