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Paul Nix
Los Angeles, California
United States of America
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We are InnerCHANGE, a Christian order among the poor. We are communities of missionaries living in marginalized neighborhoods around the world – places most people want to avoid or ignore. We seek to live out the good news of Jesus among the poor, both with words and deeds. We neither glamorize our calling nor diminish its importance. We are moved by the life and love of Jesus, enticed by his goodness. We have sensed his call to take up our crosses and follow: knowing that as we lose our life for his sake, we will truly find it. Despite the enormity of the missionary task, we do not pursue this work with long faces. Rather, we rejoice in our opportunity to be messengers of the King as he invites all people - poor and rich alike - to his banquet table.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
Internships: Less than One Year Apprenticeships: One Year Commitment serving full time with an InnerCHANGE team 3 Years if in a significant cross cultural context
Term of service offered: 
two months to 1 year
1 to 3 years
3 years or longer