Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

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7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd
Dallas, Texas 75236
United States of America
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The mission of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, as an institution of higher education, is to provide training and research opportunities leading to graduate degrees in Applied Linguistics, Language and Culture Studies, and World Arts. Program under development: The Abraham Center for Muslim and Islamic Studies. GIAL seeks to be more than just a graduate school, however. Our goal is to provide training for missionaries that will help them be more effective in their life and ministry overseas. We are motivated not by our school’s achievements, but by the impact our alumni are making in minority language communities around the world.
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- MA in Applied Linguistics with concentrations in Bible Translation, Descriptive Linguistics, and Cross-Cultural Service - MA in Language and Culture Studies with concentrations in Literacy and Education, Language Survey, Scripture Use, and Sociolinguistics - MA in World Arts - Certificate in Applied Linguistics - Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork content: 
God Hearts Arts
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- Join us for dinner together on December 30th! Just meet at our booth at 5 PM. - Dr. Robin Harris, GIAL faculty in our World Arts program, will be sharing a seminar called “The Great Misconception: Is Music really a ‘Universal’ Language?”
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Certificate, MA
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Anth, Culture, Ethnomusicology, Linguistics, Bible