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Paul Van Der Werf
4044 Snelling Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
United States of America
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GoCorps is an on-ramp for graduation seniors and young adults to serve globally for two years. In today's globalized world, there's a need for a new kind of goer: those who will use their degrees and abilities and go to the least reached places globally for two years. GoCorps is a partnership of more than ten leading mission organizations that have linked arms to expedite the process and make it as accessible as possible for students of all backgrounds to be able to serve globally alongside long-term teams and projects for two years. All partnering organizations use one website, one application form and one process timeline. GoCorps as has a loan forgiveness program so that those who go for two years can actually get ahead on their loans while they serve!
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
We have two year placements among the least reached (mostly among the Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu world) in for students with the following interests and training: 1. Business/Leadership 2. Compassion/Justice 3. Engineering 4. Media/Arts 5. Sports 6. Storying/Linguistics 7. Teaching 8. Universities
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GoCorps founder and executive director Paul Van Der Werf will be leading the seminar: A new kind of missionary: Using your degree and serving globally
Term of service offered: 
1 to 3 years
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