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Brent Martz
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In the new movie Not Today, free-spirited college student Caden Welles has his eyes opened to a world few Americans know exists: the thriving human-trafficking trade. Opening in theaters in April, this powerful and compelling film takes you to India where we meet a poor Dalit father and daughter. The Dalits are mired in India's thriving sex trade with young children being bought and sold every day. Friends Church in Southern California did more than make this movie: they’ve lived out the mission of the film for a decade. Called by God to help free the Dalits in our generation, Friends Church partners with the Dalit Freedom Network in building schools for Dalit children. With education and an understanding that God has created us all equally and He has a purpose for our lives, Dalits can abandon what they have been forced to endure for centuries upon centuries.
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Can one church, one movie, change everything? No. But what if one church making one movie could open your eyes—and the eyes of millions of others—challenging us to join in this meaningful fight? As an advocate for Not Today, you can take a leadership role in helping spread awareness about the plight of the Dalits and the tragedy of human trafficking. Your involvement can be limited to the coming months leading to the movie’s release. Or, as is our hope, you too will become captivated by this mission to end the caste system in India and abolish human trafficking worldwide—in our generation!
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