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, Wisconsin
United States of America
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Thousands of people from closed countries go online to practice conversational English. Embassy exists to ensure that they come into contact with at least one Christian who is able to engage them in conversation about salvation in Jesus Christ. We mobilize and equip Christians to share the gospel with people in the 10/40 window by offering training, support, accountability, and encouragement. Once trained, they're paired with someone abroad who wants to practice English or given a small group to lead in a study of the Bible. At this time, we're focused primarily on sharing the good news with Muslims, particularly with young adults. About 60% of the Muslims we've invited to study the Bible have said yes! We're so excited to see how far God will take this.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
We offer the opportunity to lead a group of Muslims in a study of the Bible using an online forum. We have many contacts in the Middle East and North Africa who are waiting to be taught, and could easily contact many more! The only limit we've found is the number of Christians who are willing to join. If you're interested in ministry to Muslims, this is a great place to start. We offer Islam-specific training in integration evangelism, materials to use in a Bible study, support, encouragement, and accountability. I hope you'll join us!
Besides exhibiting at Urbana 12, we'll also be...: 
hosting a Midwest conference/retreat in May. More info to come!
Term of service offered: 
two months to 1 year
1 to 3 years
3 years or longer