Communitas - an Order to those beyond the reach of the church

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Adam Nevins
2539 Octavia St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115-6535
United States of America
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Communitas is an apostolic order of missionaries living as counter-cultural communities in cross-cultural neighborhoods around the world. We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in a rapidly growing post-Christian western culture. Communitas incarnates Jesus sacrificially and intentionally through life-on-life relationships. Our neighbors and friends taste, smell, see, and experience Jesus through our love for them, and begin conversations exploring the Gospel. In addition to journeying with scores of people who would never engage the Gospel through conventional means, we mentor leaders, churches and missionaries toward missional effectiveness. By 2020, Communitas aims to create multiple, revolutionary communities of transformation in culturally influential cities in America and internationally.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
We offer a Taste’n’See experience, lasting 7 days. This is an opportunity to scratch the surface of life on mission as community. During this time, the participant will participate in our weekly rhythms of prayer and worship, community life, and service to those we journey with.* We offer a SummerXChange experience, lasting two months. During this time, the participant will enter at a deeper level into our rhythms, and work through a personal life-mapping and exploring process. This is based on an action/reflection model of discipleship, and designed to help the participant understand mission in a post-Christian context, and explore the possibilities of their contribution to the Kingdom. The participant is assigned a mentor, who meets weekly with them throughout the process.* We offer an Explorer Process, lasting one year. This process takes the participant through a deep and lengthy discipleship process of self-discovery and mission. With a lengthy reading list on spiritual formation, mission, culture, and community, this is learning-intensive. This process includes a personal life-mapping exercise, and a final reflection. The explorer is assigned a mentor, who meets weekly with them throughout the process. After completing the Explorer Process, the participant has the option to continue with Communitas. The next stage of commitment is called the Practitioner Process, lasting an additional year. After that, there is a Novitiate commitment lasting six months, and finally, a Sojourner commitment intending life, in stages of seven years* ** *All participants are required to cover their travel costs, contribute financially toward room and board, and purchase their books for the learning processes. All participants are required to complete an application, and take any assessments or evaluations deemed appropriate prior to being accepted for the programs. **As an order, Communitas members eventually make a life commitment, but each commitment leading up to that is a process of discernment, both for the community, and for the participant. Communitas is a calling, not merely a career, and is not for everyone.
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two months to 1 year
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