African Bible Colleges

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Corey Conkright
P.O. Box 103
Clinton, Mississippi 39060
United States of America
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We are a four year christian university offering degrees in Biblical Studies, Communication, Education, and Business. We also offer a Masters in Divinity. We have campuses in Liberia, Uganda, and Malawi. Our current enrollment for all three campuses, is just over 600 students. ABC is a missionary based university, so 80% of our staff raise there own support. We feel the that the answer to long lasting change in Africa is higher education. The goal is to give these men and women a strong understanding of biblical principals and a solid understanding of there relationship with Christ and a strategic vocation that they can use to not only provide for there family, but make a real difference throughout Africa.
Describe the types of ministry opportunities your agency will offer to Urbana 12 participants: 
The main opportunity is giving them a chance to serve on a two week missions trip to Africa. We also have future opportunities for them with specific staff positions. They would need a minimum of there masters to teach on our university level. We also have a hospital and a k-12 academy on our Malawi campus, so they could apply to teach at the academy, which only requires a undergraduate degree or work as a nurse or a doctor at our hospital or a nurses assistant.
Term of service offered: 
under two months