Urbana 12 Resources

As you continue on the path God has for you, we have an ever-growing toolbox of resources the help. Specific follow-up resources (including audio from most of the seminars) will be coming in the first few weeks of the new year. In the meantime, these resources are already here for you.

Urbana 12 Exhibitor Profiles

A comprehensive list of the exhibiting organizations at Urbana 12 listed alphabetically within their primary Exhibit Hall category, WORD: organizations that focus primarily on evangelism, church planting, discipleship and the like; FREEDOM: organizations that focus on justice; SERVICE: organizations that provide a service as their primary form of ministry (i.e., medical missions); MIND: seminaries, educational or campus ministries.

Testify Magazine

Urbana 12 has put together a magazine for Urbana 12 participants with content that will help now that Urbana 12 has concluded. Download Testify

Fuel for the Journey

The journey continues after Urbana 12. As you journey, what work is God doing in you and through you? God may be nudging you towards long-term missions, or increasing mission awareness at your church. The resources here can help fuel your journey, wherever God takes you after Urbana 12.

The Tranformation Series

Review the videos from the Urbana 12 Bible Studies.

Seminar Audio

Audio from most Urbana 12 seminars is now available here.

Ask Jack

Life-long missionary, Jack Voelkel, guides you through your most pressing missions-related questions. Jack has been answering questions on Urbana.org since 1999.

Q & A with Jack


Check out featured Articles


Now What? A Countdown for After Urbana 12
Post-Urbana Transition: 3 Actions Steps from Elijah

Crossing Cultures

Reaching the Unreached, Engaging the Unengaged
Passion to Commitment: Where is God Moving You?
An Unbalancing Act: World Evangelization


Naked Missions
When You Lack Your Parents' Blessing
8 Ways to Know God's Will


Urbana 12 Worship
The Perspectives Course
How to Sleep, and Why
Listening to God: An Exercise in Listening Prayer

Studying the Bible

Thirsty? A Bible-Reading Tool
Evangelistic Bible Study: How to Start One
Urbana 12's Evangelistic Bible Study Guide
How to Start Reading the Bible


The Future of the Global Church
La Singularidad Latino-Hispana


Debt and Missions
Asking for Money: The Spirituality of Fundraising
10 Steps to Financial Health

Justice & Poverty

Jesus Doesn't Want You to Be Happy


Bible Studies

A team of InterVarsity staff has developed a set of Bible studies called Encounters with Jesus available for download in the Bible Studies section

Missionary Biographies

Be inspired and encouraged by the stories of other message bearers like:

Andy Mineo: On My Level
Mary Lederleitner and Tom Mallon: Hitchhiking after Urbana
Tim and Iris Loomans: To the Lost Nations of Siberia
Stephen Lungu: Out of the Black Shadows
Michelle Kao: Woke Up in a Slum
Abraham and Molly: Suffering That Equips
Mildred Cable: Beautiful Feet in the Gobi


Terms you may encounter as you continue giving your life to God's global mission.