Urbana 15 Worship

Since Urbana is about partnering with God in his work in the global church, it seemed our musical worship should reflect this. A diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual approach to musical worship is an opportunity to engage in good missiology before heading out on mission.
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Meet the Urbana Worship Team

We were able to interview several of the team in the videos below. For bios for the full team, click this link.

Bryce Bachelder

Meet Urbana 15 worship team member Bryce Bachelder (vocals and guitar) and hear his journey as a musician and worship leader, and why he's excited to be introducing worship found in predominantly white North American churches.

Erin O'Neill

Meet Urbana 15 worship team member Erin O'Neill (vocals and guitar) and hear how she lives out God's mission as a full-time musician.

Erna Hackett

Meet Urbana 15 worship director Erna Hackett hear her journey as a musician and worship leader, how she's leading the Urbana worship team and what makes worship at Urbana unique.

Jessica Jong

Meet Urbana 15 worship team member Jessica Jong (vocals and keyboard) and hear her journey as a musician and worship leader, and why she's excited to be introducing Asian North American worship.

Jonathan Ulanday

Meet Urbana 15 worship team member Jonathan Ulanday (electric guitar) and hear how God used Urbana to help him navigate his calling both as a classically-trained musician and a worship leader.

Matt Ryan-Kelzenberg

Meet Urbana 15 worship team member Matt Ryan-Kelzenberg (cello) and hear his journey as a musician, worship leader and classically trained cellist.

Shedrach Rowry

Meet Urbana 15 worship team member Shedrach Rowry (vocals and keyboard) and hear his journey with Urbana, what he's been learning on the team and why he's excited to be introducing Gospel music.

Urbana Worship Tutorial

Yes Lord

Learn the vocal parts for Jonathan Nelson's "Yes Lord" from Urbana 15 Worship Team vocalists Erin O'Neil (Soprano) and Kraven Rowry (Alto).

Debemos Decir y Hacer La Verdad

A vocal and language pronunciation tutorial for the worship song, Debemos Decir Y Hacer La Verdad (We Must Speak and Carry Out The Truth), a song gifted to the Urbana Student Missions Conference by Compa, InterVarsity's sister movement in Mexico. With Urbana 15 Worship Team member Erin O'Neill.

Perfume a Tus Pies

A vocal and language pronunciation tutorial for a new song, Perfume a Tus Pies (Perfume for Your Feet), that will be introduced at the Urbana 15 Student Missions conference. With Urbana 15 Worship Team members Erin O'Neill and Jonathan Ulanday.

About Worship at Urbana

Tips for Incorporating Urbana Worship into Your Ministry

Urbana Worship Director Erna Hackett shares some of her best tips and advice for how to incorporate Urbana worship into your church or InterVarsity chapter.

3 Ways You Can Prepare for Urbana Worship

How can you prepare for worship at the Urbana Student Missions Conference? Worship Director Erna Hackett offers some tips on how to engage in the unique experience that is Urbana worship.

What Will Worship at Urbana Be Like?

Urbana 15 worship team members share about what musical worship will be like at Urbana and how you can enter into the experience, especially embracing the new, the challenging and even the awkward.

How are Worship Songs Chosen for Urbana?

Why are we singing so many new songs at Urbana? What's up with the songs in different languages? Why can't we just sing songs that everybody already knows?



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Hi, I would like to know the full set list of worship songs that were sung at Urbana 15. I would like to bring some of the songs back to my campus to worship in a cultural setting with my community. Thanks!


Someone made a playlist on YouTube. Just search Urbana 15.

Hello! The videos above were SO helpful. Thanks for sharing them. Do you have tutorial videos of how to sing/play some of the other songs sung at Urbana 15?

Will there be chords and music available for some of the songs written for Urbana 15? We would also like to bring some of the worship back to campus! Thank you for all that the worship team did this year!!

I would like to order the download pre-order that was mentioned in the Urbana newspaper for $12.00 as I loved all the worship songs and want to share with our church back home. Can you let me know how to do that? Thanks much!

Hello , I was wondering how to get the soundtrack of Alblum on iTunes , would love to bring them back to my campuses intervarsity .

I was not at Urbana, but watched one of the evening sessions and found the music so beautiful. Did you all record the songs? Will there be the ability to download them? Thank you so much!

I would like to download the pre order $12 Urbana 15 music can you tell me where to do that?

Hello!! Whorship time at Urbana really blessed me and to continue to remember all I received I want to download the pre order Urbana 15 music! Please take time to give us an answer and explain us how to do it?

Hello all! Thank you for your patience as we track down the details about how to get the album. We're still working on getting you accurate and helpful information, and will post it here in this post as soon as we possibly can. We're so sorry for all the confusion! Kurt Bullis, Editorial Director, Urbana.org.

Hi there, I would like to use the visuals from the worship sessions to guide people in worship who are not used to singing in different languages. Would it be possible to make the lyrics with the original, translated and phonetic english words available? Basically what we saw on screen was really helpful in guiding those who are unfamiliar with languages other than english. Thank you all for all that you do!!!

Please let me know when the cd is released!!!!! Can barely wait to purchase!!!

Still don't have a definite release date, but we'll post it here on this page (at the top) as soon as we know! Thanks for your patience!

I would love to buy the Urbana 2015 album on Google Play when it is released. I do not use iTunes. Any chance you will make this available on Google Play?

Will there be a physical CD release available? I would prefer that.

Hey Josh. Sorry to say, but there are no plans for a physical CD to be pressed at this point.

Where is Te Amo? I was really looking forward to it!

Is there any chance to get the lyrics for the parts that aren't in English. I want to sing along but it's hard when I don't know the language.

Hey Urbana Worship team, Do you know where I can find the Black Lives Matter: Imago Dei T-shirts you all wore on stage? Katie Matson-Daley

Seconding a few others' comments here – would you be able to post lyrics here like you did for the Urbana12 CD tracks? Thank you!

I'm interested in the CD version also. Hopefully, there will be plans for that release

Is there anywhere to find this song? I was expecting it to be on the Album, but it doesn't look like it is. Is there a recording of it, audio or video, anywhere? Such a powerful song!

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