Urbana 15 Offering

Update: the Urbana 15 offering has raised over $1 million! Praise God!

For years, Urbana participants have given generously to support various missions initiatives around the world. The Urbana 15 offering will go to projects that support indigenous Christian leaders and missionaries, persecuted churches, intercession ministry, refugees and diaspora communities, and evangelism efforts.

One hundred percent of the Urbana 15 offering goes to the work of the following organizations and projects; none of the funds collected go to Urbana 15’s three hosts (InterVarsity/USA, Inter-Varsity Canada, and GBU).

If you were at Urbana and didn't have a chance to give, or weren't there but would like to contribute, there's still time. 

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Organizations Receiving From the Urbana 15 Offering

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB, Ferguson, Missouri, USA

Boys and Girls Club | Serving over 4,500 kids, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis (BGCSTL) provides youth and teens, ages 6 to 18, a safe place to hang out, seek resources to help with homework, have fitness opportunities, engage in a mentorship and participate in programs to help develop good character, academic success, citizenship and leadership.

The Urbana 15 offering will contribute to strengthen and bring healing to specifically the Ferguson community through youth mentoring, leadership development, and educational programs. 

CENTER OF LOVE, Mokattam Garbage Village, Egypt

Center of Love | Supporting their own families as marginalized people in community is difficult. The main purpose of Center of Love is to provide shelter and a home to hundreds of the disabled and chronically ill people of the Mokattam Garbage Village.

Center of Love continues to reach out to the community by providing services through health clinic, physical therapy, music, and education. As more and more people are being served, space is limited. Therefore, Center of Love is looking to expand its infrastructure that serves the people God has put on their heart. The Urbana 15 offering will contribute to complete construction on one floor of this building. 


Elam Ministries | The mission of Elam is to strengthen and expand the church in the Iranian region and beyond. Elam’s larger vision is to see all the people in Iran to have the opportunity to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and follow him as a disciple—taking the Gospel to other Muslims.

The Urbana 15 offering will support Elam Ministries’ projects to train women for ministry, bring healing where there has been abuse, and empower the fast-growing Iranian church.


Friends of Forman Christian College, Inc. | Friends of Forman Christian College provides consistent educational opportunities for vulnerable young boys and girls in Pakistan. To achieve this, they hope to expand its building to accommodate to serve more students.

The Urbana 15 offering will help build two of the floors at a school that provides affordable college preparatory education for the children of Christian staff at the college.


International Fellowship of Evangelical Students | Urbana and IFES share the passion for mobilizing workers to fulfill the Great Commission. The goal of the IFES is to see students built into communities of disciples and transformed by the gospel impacting the university, the church, and society for the glory of Christ.

IFES is seeking to raise up a new generation of indigenous leaders with the backing of Urbana 15. Through leadership development programs and student missions conferences, students will be launched into the world. The Urbana 15 offering will be one of resources to support the IFES efforts to host and sponsor students missions conferences—like Urbana, other student development programs, and discipleship training in many different countries around the world. 


Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach | The ministry of Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach serves the Arabs and Israelis in the Holy Land. Outreach includes food and medical relief, evangelistic trips, and Christian media production and distribution. Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach also focuses on community development and discipleship with the Muslim Arabs.

The Urbana 15 offering will go towards production of audio visuals and multimedia Christian material that will be used to teach the people that Jerusalem Evangelist Outreach encounters. 


Kids Alive International Canada | Kids Alive International dedicates its organization to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children—meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs. Reflecting the love of Christ, Kids Alive helps rescuing orphans and vulnerable children, nurturing them with quality holistic care, and sharing with them the transforming power of Jesus Christ so they are enabled to give hope to others.

Urbana 15 offering will allow Kids Alive International to expand their service to orphans and vulnerable Syrian refugees children—providing residential care, education, and day care at The Oasis. They hope to expand their classroom space to accommodate to include more students. 

OPEN DOORS, Iran/Persian World

Open Doors | Open Doors is one of the oldest on-going international ministries serving Christians who are suffering because of their faith. They serve in countries of persecuted followers of Christ—empowering persecuted Christians through programs like bible & gospel development, women and children advancement, and community restoration.

Urbana 15 offering will help with the production and delivery costs of Bibles and Christian literature to the isolated of the Persian-speaking world.


Partners International | Partners International trains and sends local Christ-followers as church planters to the least-reached places in the world. They partner with indigenous ministries that help spread the Gospel, build the church, transform communities, and empower women and children.

Partner International focuses to create multiplied Kingdom impact by engaging the whole body of Christ in building up and strengthening the indigenous Church. In the next year or so they hope to see Muslims come to Christ, train Arab Christians for ministry, plant house churches, and help refugees as well as persecuted Christians.

Urbana 15 offering will help send church planters to start more than 200 house churches in the Arab world and building the church in the least-reached places.

REACH ACROSS, North East Africa

Reach Across | Reach Across works and helps East African men, women, and children displaced by war—empowering them with resources and skills to do trauma healing, discipleship, and education in refugee camps. Reach Across has a vision to see these people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ in self-sustaining and reproducing fellowships.

Reach Across aims to administer trauma healing, run discipleship workshops, and provide education for displaced peoples and their families. With the guidance of the Lord, they hope to reach more people groups and languages that currently do not have churches in their own languages.


TWR International | Speaking hope to the world, TWR International uses global media as outreach to engage millions in biblical truth. TWR produces programs in languages that help resonate with people’s heart.

With the Urbana 15 offering, TWR hopes to continue producing Hope of Syria—a 15-minute weekly radio program conducted in the Syrian Arabic language. The radio program focuses on sharing challenges, giving advice, and encouragement broadcasted across the Middle East for refugees and those who remain in Syria. 


Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc. (Wycliffe USA) | Wycliffe focuses on Bible translation in minority languages. They exist to see two overarching goals fulfilled: (1) God’s Word will be accessible and have impact among all people in languages that resonate with their heart and (2) language programs sufficiently resourced through prayer, people, and funds.

In partnership with developers in Nairobi, Wycliffe aims to help design and distribute an app which will connect a global community of intercessors, equipping them with inspiring and informative stories, and real-time prayer opportunities. By doing so, Wycliffe will be able to help provide a platform for the voices and stories of indigenous communities and the Church within those communities. Urbana 15 offering contributes to this project.