Ready to Go

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Are you ready to go?

As followers of Christ, we are all called by God. We are called, chosen, redeemed, reconciled, and renewed. We are also prepared, equipped and sent out. This is who we are as God’s children—it is as informative to who we are as our DNA is to our physical bodies.

However, just because the calling is real does not mean it is clear. Abraham was called and sent, but he did not know where. Moses was called to deliver his people, but he did not know how. Samuel was called to anoint a king, but he did not know who. The disciples were called to follow Jesus, but they did not know what that really meant. In the same way, the fact that we may be sensing God’s calling in our lives might not be enough to know where, how or what that might mean.

The Ready to Go seminar series at Urbana 12 is specifically designed for participants who can see themselves on the mission field within the next two years: either students in their last years of university or college graduates coming to Urbana to discover the next step on their journey to cross-cultural ministry.

The seminars will provide direction on:

  • Discerning your roles in God’s expanding kingdom
  • Choosing a sending organization
  • Moving overseas
  • Preparing for acculturation and language acquisition
  • Cross-cultural relationships and team dynamics

The daily Ready to Go meet-ups will give you opportunity to:

  • Meet and network with others on the same journey
  • Meet and receive counsel from experienced missionaries who have been there
  • Discuss issues relevant to finding your way
  • Be guided into meeting and interacting with the many missions agencies at Urbana
  • Be prayed for
  • Build encouraging relationships that will continue after Urbana is over

Are you ready to go? The Ready to Go seminar series is here to enable you to peer a little further down the road God is calling you down. It is also a chance to do this in the company of others he is also calling.

Let’s go!


Check out Ready or Not? for guidance on discerning your next step. How to Make the Most of Urbana is written to give practical help at Urbana for those participants who are Ready to Go. If you hope to find the right fit among the 250+ exhibitors at Urbana, Questions to Ask an Exhibitor is a great place to start your search.