Share your faith with Reveal in 3 steps:

  1. Invite your friends to look at the art with you.
    –Sample invitation:  “Hey, check out these images! They reveal the pain and beauty of our world. Which piece stands out to you?...
    –I’d love to hear your thoughts about this image and the Biblical quote it’s connected to. Are you interested?”
  2. Use the conversation questions to discuss one image and quote.  Follow the prompt to The Big Story.
    • Participate!
      Share your own struggles, failures, hopes—and how Jesus is shaping your journey. You’ll need to reflect on each question beforehand so that you’re ready to share.
    • Be prayerful. 
      Ask Jesus to meet your friend. Be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading in the moment.
    • Listen well and show that you care. 
      Nod, smile, thank them for sharing, and appreciate their insights. Be a fellow learner!
    • Encourage deeper conversation. 
      Say “tell me more about that” to help them share more.
    • You don’t have to know it all. 
      You can say “I don’t know, let’s look into that together.” You also don’t have to agree with every comment. It’s a dialogue, not a debate.
    • Tips on responding to tough questions:  Answering Tough Questions
       When you get to The Big Story diagram, ask your friends if they would like to know about it. 
  3. Ask your friends if they’d like to follow Jesus. If they’re not ready, discuss the 5 Steps to Exploring Faith, and invite them to take a next step.
    • Use the orange questions under The Big Story to invite your friends to follow Jesus!
    • Learn more about the 5 steps on a spiritual journey (also called the 5 Thresholds):  5 Thresholds
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Multiply the Impact

The Reveal cards can be used to start new communities of faith and grow existing ones, especially on college and university campuses.  To learn more about how to do that, go to: How to Use 5T Survey with Reveal Cards