Here are some of the most important highlights:

  • The exhibit and its representatives must stay inside the booth’s boundaries. We recommend that each exhibit use no more than 4-6 representatives per booth space.
    • Video or other audiovisuals may be shown as long as they do not exceed a reasonable volume and the exhibitor holds either the copyright or written permission of the copyright owner to use the material.
    • Due to the security concerns from various exhibiting organizations at Urbana 18, please use care when taking photos within the exhibit hall. 
  • Children under the age of 17 and music (live or recorded) are not allowed in the exhibit hall.
  • The following are not allowed in the America’s Center:
    • Audio or video-recording or photography of any live activity without the express written consent from the Exhibit Manager
    • Confetti
    • Glitter
    • Adhesive-backed decals (stickers)
    • Helium-filled balloons (any balloons used in the exhibit hall must be approved in advance by the Exhibit Manager and professionally designed and installed)
    • Animals (except for ADA-approved service animals)
    • Taping or tacking materials to the walls
    • Selling or promoting a product or service
  • You may not solicit direct donations at your booth. Financial support may be one of the ways Urbana participants can partner with your organization, but direct solicitation of funds is not allowed during the conference itself.
  • You are prohibited from allowing students to charge devices at power strips from within your booth.
  • You are prohibited from distributing materials outside your exhibit hall booth space or reserved meeting space.
  • Abide by these fire regulations:
    • All curtains, drapes, and decorations must be constructed of flame-proof material or treated with an approved flame-proofing solution. Treatment must be repeated as often as needed to maintain the flame-proofing effect. If asked, you must be able to provide evidence of flame-proofing.
    • No combustible materials, merchandise, or signs shall be attached to, hung from, or draped over the booth’s flame-proofed side or rear-divider draperies or attached to the table-skirting facing the aisles. Such combustible materials must have previously been flame-proofed.
    • All sawdust, shavings, hay, and straw must be flame-proofed, stored, and maintained in a manner approved by the Fire Marshall.
    • Curtains, drapes, or decorations cannot cover any exit signs.
    • Artificial lighting (lanterns, candles, etc.) and flammable liquids are strictly prohibited.
    • Smoking is not allowed anywhere.

Meeting with Participants at Urbana

Our participants' safety is of the utmost importance. If you’re interested in hosting student gatherings or informational sessions, they must be scheduled through the specified meeting space accommodations request form. Meeting with participants after 11:00 p.m. is not allowed, and you should not set up meetings in hotel suites at any time. Please contact the Urbana 18 Exhibits Team for more information. 

Handouts in Your Booth Space

While handing out materials can be very helpful for participants, please review the following guidelines:

  • Wrist bands or items imitating Urbana’s credentials are not allowed.
  • Avoid bulky or heavy items since participants will be carrying them all day.
  • Though personal snacks and drinks are allowed, food (including wrapped candy and gum) and drinks cannot be distributed in the exhibit hall without the Exhibit Manager’s approval ahead of time.
  • Balloons, adhesive decals, and stickers are not allowed.
  • Books cannot be distributed without the Exhibits Team’s written permission.
  • If there’s anything questionable about your handout, ask the Exhibits Team to review it.
  • We suggest preparing 2,000-4,000 handouts.
  • You are prohibited from distributing materials outside your exhibit hall booth space or reserved meeting space.