Hear the stories of faithful witnesses around the world. Be inspired and equipped to use your passions in God’s global mission wherever the Spirit may lead you! Choose which seminars you want to attend and then add them to your schedule in your Urbana 22 App.

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Many of us want to go into ministry, but fundraising can be daunting. Discover a biblical approach to raising support that won’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassing.
This seminar is for anyone considering Jesus’ call to serve unreached parts of the world. It will help you discern his heart and equip you.

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Learn how a missions movement in China has blossomed, even hosting student missions conferences like Urbana — even in the face of increasing pressures and restrictions.
We can’t live on mission if we can’t build meaningful community. Come for a step-by-step guide to building better relationships.
Our world is wounded. Discover God’s loving presence amid such challenges and learn to deepen our faith while participating in the planet’s renewal.

Learn from a professional counselor and spiritual director how to pray through current anxieities and prayerfully build resilience to better face anxiety in the future.
Artists are often lonely, and the art world can conflict with Christian values. Learn how artists can be equipped to confidently live out the gospel in this unique context.
Katherine Slevin has gone from Parisian pastry kitchens to feeding refugees and empowering immigrant women in the kitchen. Come discover how you, too, can seek Christ’s kingdom through your passions.
In this seminar, you’ll learn how serving in your country of origin can deepen your connection with your ethnic identity and make you a better witness for God’s kingdom.

Redemptive entrepreneurs build ventures around creative restoration through sacrifice. Learn how redemptive entrepreneurs are reshaping industries and culture and explore whether venture creation might be part of your calling.
If we’re going to fulfill God’s cross-cultural mission, women and men must work better together! Learn how to build mixed-gender ministry partnerships that are both God-honoring and effective.

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Over 1.4 billion people live in urban slum communities. Learn how we can venture beyond our walls of comfort, security, and control — to meet Jesus among the least of these.
God wants to be involved in your study abroad experience and use it to shape you. Learn how to be a faithful witness during this unique cross-cultural opportunity.


Globe with lines
Unreached, unengaged peoples often speak languages outsiders haven’t learned and lack Bible translations. Find out what it will take to reach them.
Imagine if Bible translation was done by the local church, for the local church, in a way that gets Scripture into the hands of people faster than ever before? It’s happening today!