The Holy Spirit is orchestrating God’s global mission of redemption. Desiring to follow his leading, Urbana grounds its program in Scripture. We trust his Word will speak and move us powerfully.

“Knowing the Bible is key to knowing God’s character and his purposes.”

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Becoming a Faithful Witness

The book of Revelation will shape and frame Urbana 18. We will study its depths, witness its beauty, echo its prayers, sing its joys, and share its message with others. With humility and boldness, we will enter into its mysteries and visions that go beyond our current reality. Be open. Listen, see, feel the reign of the King of kings.

Come to Urbana 18 this December.

Learn that our choices matter.

Who will we worship?

Will we follow the Lamb or submit to the beast?

Will we suffer with Jesus or sell out to the world?

Will our testimony point to Jesus’ true and faithful witness?

Take the Challenge

What comes to mind when you think of Revelation? Where did those images and thoughts come from? Books? Movies? Take the Revelation Challenge and refresh your perspective on the Lord’s mission to make all things new. Discover this book’s juxtaposition of patiently enduring suffering while witnessing God’s glory. Immerse yourself in its message of hope and perseverance for the faithful.

How it Works

Over 25 days, the Revelation Challenge reading plan will guide you through the entire book with several daily questions to help you dig deeper into the text. Here are two ways to take the challenge:

A Challenge in Community

Because Scripture was written for communities, let’s take the challenge together! Post your responses to Revelation on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, using the hashtags “#Urbana18” and “#RevelationChallenge”. This could be a short reflection, poem, picture, video, or the next step you’re taking—any way that you’re engaging with Revelation in your life.