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Bible Study

The goal of Living God’s Story is to create communities of growing disciples who learn from Matthew’s stories and then live them out in their context. Disciples grow by hearing the Word of God, responding actively, and then debriefing and interpreting the experience. Here’s how it works:

Here are the videos which were used in the Manuscript Bible Studies at Urbana 15. To download video, click vimeo in the player, then click download and select your desired format.

By Kurt Bullis

Scripture forms the basis for each Urbana. As such, Urbana 15 has developed several posts to give you context for the Gospel of Matthew, context for studying Scripture in general, and background on how Urbana approaches studying the Scriptures. Keep these posts handy as you engage with the Scriptures.


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If we add the amazing growth of the church in the Majority World to the reality of the global missionary force (from Korea, Brazil, Nigeria, India, etc.) to the post-Christian, still-needy conditio


Has the Bible been interpreted incorrectly regarding gays and lesbians? Did the biblical authors correctly understand the modern phenomenon of a gay orientation? With grace and truth, Dr.