Urbana 15 Seminars

Missions 101


Mentoring: Millennials want it. Boomers do it. How can we improve the process? A millennial will share how he connected with his mentor and the benefits he experienced from the relationship.

Missions in Every Sector


Though there are many challenges to reaching Asia’s inlands and frontiers with the gospel, a maturing East Asian church exists and is growing in mission awareness and involvement.


Join us to dialogue about the connections between arts ministry and its applications to worship, justice issues, trauma healing, community development, church planting, and more.


Artists are some of the most influential people in our society. They influence our society, but who is influencing their thinking and their soul?


How does the story of Christianity intersect with modern science? How can a Christian simultaneously believe the Bible and scientific theories? How can a credible scientist be Christian?


Has the Bible been interpreted incorrectly regarding gays and lesbians? Did the biblical authors correctly understand the modern phenomenon of a gay orientation? With grace and truth, Dr.