Urbana 15 Seminars

Missions in Every Sector

Preparing to Go


Our culture puts pressure on us to live a safe and self-centered life. We have the freedom to make choices to that end, but it will cause us to miss out on the “life that is truly life” (1 Tim 6:19). Come learn how to fight against the norm and live in light of eternity.



Whether you are a student who wants to start a missional group on campus, a church leader who wants to reach your local college, or a faculty member who wants to mentor Christian students, this sem


Find out how to understand the values of the oral world and the key principles needed for the gospel to take root in this type of community in a sustainable way, as soon as it enters.

Poverty Track

Pastors and Church Leaders Track

World Religions


Who are the Jihadists and why do we need to know about militant Islam? What does Islam say about the violence in the Middle East? These are important questions. Despite the crushing realities happening in this part of the world, God is working. Come and listen to what Jesus is doing among Muslims in these dark times and find your role in sharing the story of hope to Muslims.