Urbana 15 Seminars

Business and Technology


A new breed of digital missionaries is desperately needed—those with creativity and inventiveness, who dare to maximize their digital talents and expertise to make a huge impact for Jesus.

Business Track

Global Issues


Headlines have focused the world's attention on the plight of persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Meanwhile in Western societies, religion is on the decline and increasingly seen as the problem. How do Christians respond gracefully and with a positive message in the face of threats to religious freedom?


How can faith deal honestly with the brokenness in our world--and in our everyday lives? Kent has worked for fifteen years in places of extreme poverty. In this seminar he will share ideas about how we can find better ways to cope than losing our faith, or numbing ourselves with clichés about God’s plan.


This seminar will offer an in-depth look at human trafficking/slavery in our world today, from personal accounts to big-picture research.