Kelly lives in Durham, North Carolina (go Duke!), where she is an HIV vaccine researcher. Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, she is a graduate of Messiah College.

Evgeniya has lived in Siberia and Novosibirsk, Russia, and spent two summers in Christian community at L’abri as a student and volunteer. She now lives in Wheaton, Illinois.

Youth work and couples counseling are his main focus. He has been involved with youth ministry in the Francophone Caribbean for ten years, both in student ministry and in local churches.

Hailing from Bellevue, Washington, Beau attended the University of San Diego and now lives in Torrance, California, where he works as a Greek InterVarsity staff member.

*name, photo, and bio withheld for security reasons
*name, photo, and bio withheld for security reasons
*photo and bio withheld for security reasons

Yevgen grew up and went to school in Pervomaysk, Eastern Ukraine and attended graduate school in Belgium.

Toukam is from Cameroon. He graduated from Columbia University and UPenn. He lives in Manhattan and works for MasterCard.