Brian Schrag (PhD) serves as head of SIL International’s Ethnomusicology and Arts Group.

Renee Lick MA, RN, has been a nurse for over 10 years and a follower of Jesus for even longer.

(as of 2012)

Brenda Wong has been the IVCF Area Director for Hawaii for the last 11 years.

Amy has served with InterVarsity for 18 years, living out her passion to minister to college students.

When Eva Liu Glick joined InterVarsity in 1997, she felt no clear calling to work with international students.

Susanna is passionate about Jesus, his Word and his work of finding and transforming people around the world.
Andrea has been connecting college students to Jesus since 2007.
Blas Lopez is the General Secretary of Compañerismo Estudiantil (COMPA). COMPA is the IFES movement in Mexico.

Born in Korea, Jaewoo moved to the United States when he was sixteen. Today he works with Artists in Christian Testimonies International, equipping artists for missions.