Neal Johnson, PhD,  JD, has an extensive and unique 40-year background as an attorney, banker, educator, businessman and
During his adult life, Uli has lived and worked in the intersection between business, the academy and the church.
Rod has been working with InterVarsity for nearly 28 years.  He has loved and served college students in Kansas, Co
Allison Schafer has been serving on InterVarsity staff for seven years in St.

Scott has been an InterVarsity staff for 30+ years. He is a campus minister at Assumption College and co-director and founding Fellow of the Boston-based Institute for Christian Unity. 

Founder of WorldVision ACT:S.All around fun guy.twitter: jamespedrick
Rev. Bowling-Dyer (Phil) was born in Oakland, California, to Philip and Hermanee Dyer.

Robin is the director of the Center for Excellence in World Arts in Dallas. She also teaches ethno-arts at schools in various places around the world.

L. D. Waterman (pseudonym) is a leader of church planting teams with Pioneers, working among Muslims in Southeast Asia.
Ram Gidoomal CBE is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who over the last twenty years has used his business acume