Currently living, working, and worshiping in San Francisco, California’s, Bayview neighborhood, Chi-Ming is the principal of Dayspring Technologies. His favorite story is Les Misérables.

Mark Scandrette is the founding Director of ReIMAGINE, an organization dedicated to helping people take new risks to fol
Greg W.
Howard Webb enjoys questioning assumptions.  This was a habit learned from reading Dr.

Heidi grew up in Germany and studied in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

As a first-year engineering student wandering among the church planters at Urbana ’87, John was looking for inspiration,
Sarah was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri with her 10 siblings.
Was born in Alabama 69 years ago. Started a company in Cebu, Philippines, 32 years ago. Been living there for 15 years.
David Sutherland is Morgan Stanley’s Chief Financial Officer in Asia Pacific, with financial responsibility for Morgan S

Since 2007, Michelle has worked with Servant Partners doing incarnational ministry in Bangkok, Thailand. She is currently pursuing public health work.