By Kurt Bullis

ICYMI, Urbana was on Periscope for Urbana 15. Those videos are now all up on our YouTube Channel with a bunch of other videos from Urbana, but these eleven are the best, IMHO.

By Gordon Govier

Isaac may someday return to an overseas mission field. But his Global Program experience has given him a new appreciation for international student ministry.

By Sharon Messmore

Hikari Saiga was an ordinary student at Waseda University in Japan. And she liked it that way. But recently, while an exchange student at the University of Washington in Seattle, God worked through her reluctant efforts and made himself known.

By Kurt Bullis

We expend a lot of energy trying to figure out God’s will for our lives. We seek his guidance selecting colleges, majors, career paths—all with the underlying notion that there is a hole in God’s plan that only we can fill.

By Kurt Bullis

Put these #Urbana15 wallpapers on your phone, tablet, and computer and carry your commitments with you wherever you go!

By Brian Hart

How will my family react if I go overseas as a missionary? How do I even tell them? Will I be alone or find a spouse? Is this really my calling or might I have other motives? Patrick Fung (Urbana 15 Bible expositor) and Jennie, his wife, also asked these questions as they gave their lives to God and pursued his mission as medical doctors.

By Kurt Bullis

Scripture forms the basis for each Urbana. As such, Urbana 15 has developed several posts to give you context for the Gospel of Matthew, context for studying Scripture in general, and background on how Urbana approaches studying the Scriptures. Keep these posts handy as you engage with the Scriptures.

By Lindsay Olesberg

What follows is a way for you to delve deeply into the Bible, discover the core message of a passage, and learn to hear from and experience Jesus in his Word. This method is suited to both individuals and small group Bible studies.

Tags: The Bible
By Bob Grahmann

Your paths to fulfilling your commitments will look a little different for each of you. But no matter what your specific path looks like, plan for it to include these eight steps.

By Steve Colby

If it hasn’t already, there’s a good chance that your path in missions will include a short term missions program. If you haven't already had to, there’s a good chance you’ll need to avoid some pitfalls along the way, especially the pitfall of fear.