Toukam is from Cameroon. He graduated from Columbia University and UPenn. He lives in Manhattan and works for MasterCard.

The Urbana 15 app is a great way to navigate the conference.

Tom was raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and attended Brown University. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he serves InterVarsity/USA as the National Director of Study Abroad.

Sunder Singh was named after an Indian Christian missionary (Sadhu Sunder Singh) after his father prayed for healing when he had a breathing problem as an infant.

Scott grew up in Pennsylvania, where he now works as Operations Director for CURE Clubfoot. He attended Messiah College.

Paula grew up as a missionary kid, studied at Wheaton College and two seminaries. She is now the interim Senior Pastor at Church of Resurrection in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Hailed from Ghana, Nana serves as a missionary with the Scripture Union and works with the Lausanne Movement.

Molly is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, graduated from Baylor University, and has lived near London, United Kingdom since 2009 where she serves with Operation World.

Markus studied Theology at Heidelberg and Greifswald, Germany. He is a staff member of SMD, IFES Germany and lives Marburg.

Originally from Ontario, Ken now lives in Nova Scotia where he serves as High School Campus Minister and Team Leader with Inter-Varsity Canada. He attended Wilfrid Laurier University.